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Mobile World: Light Technology in More Platforms

Light technology is all about capturing more information about any scene to empower the imaging products of the future. We are taking great leaps toward our goal of Light helping camera platforms of all kinds see and know more about the world around them. The Nokia 9 PureView, driven by Light technology, is the world’s first five-camera array in a smartphone. It is truly best-in-class, built to take the photography enthusiast to new places, and is getting incredibly positive reviews. "Before the Nokia 9 came out, I didn’t think there was anything that could ...

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Lighting up 2019: Building the Future of Computational Imaging

Our vision has always been to revolutionize the world of imaging -- to change how we capture and use images, collect more pixel data, and make camera arrays smaller but more powerful. Today marks another step towards fulfilling that vision with our partnership with Sony, adding to existing relationships with Qualcomm, Sunny, and others to be announced. In 2017, we started shipping the L16 and showed the power of Light's computational imaging technology to the photography community. Last year, we raised Series D financing with world-class partners to help us move further down the path. 2019 ...

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New creative options with on-device depth editing and video

We know it’s been a little while since we made a big update to the L16 and Lumen (we don’t count the Mojave update). We are excited to add some big features for both this month, including one that has been asked about since we launched the L16. You can now adjust the depth effect (aperture) on the L16 and even shoot 1080p video. We’ve also made workflow improvements with presets and batch editing across the L16 and Lumen. We hope that you are as excited about these improvements as we are! Depth-editing ...

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Light Welcomes SoftBank and Leica to the Family

Light raises $121 million from SoftBank Vision Fund and Leica Camera AG Light, the leader in advanced computational imaging, today announced a Series D funding round of $121 million, led by the SoftBank Vision Fund. The renowned Leica Camera AG also participated in the financing. Light’s groundbreaking imaging platform enables machines to see like humans do, using sophisticated algorithms to combine images from multiple camera modules into a single high-quality image and enabling highly-accurate 3D depth extraction. Welcome to the era of the software-defined camera. In this era, pocketable, connected cameras can reconstruct the world ...

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A More Powerful Tool for Low Light Photographers

We’ve made incremental improvements to the L16’s low light performance over the past six months, but none have shown as great of a difference as this latest software update. According to our engineers, we’ve improved the image quality at least one full stop in most low light scenarios. That marks a huge step forward in our progress—specifically around fine details and noise reduction. Captured by Sean Custer. Low light assist for handheld photography We were able to make such significant improvements to low light performance, in part, due to the addition of ...

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The Next Phase of the Light L16: More Control, More Freedom, More Creativity

The driving force behind our latest software update was you, the L16 photographers dedicated to making this camera better. We spent the past few months listening to our community, learning not only their pain points with the Light L16 but also their ambitions for this camera of the future. What we heard was a resounding desire for more serious camera features. We’re talking about priority and preset modes, on-camera editing, rating systems, histograms—all the tools experienced photographers need to truly unleash their creativity. The software update we’re releasing today will do all of ...

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Light and Sidewalk Bring You The Best Spots for Photographing the Golden Gate Bridge

Bay Area symbol. Engineering wonder. The Golden Gate Bridge is easily the most photogenic structure in San Francisco. To our resident photographer, Brian Fulda, capturing the bridge is a rite of passage in San Francisco. "A lot of professional photographers think that it’s cliche to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge," he says. But that's just because the structure is not easy to photograph in a unique way. We teamed up with Sidewalk to show you some of Fulda's favorite, lesser-known spots for photographing the Golden Gate Bridge. To find out where these epic vantage points ...

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Light EU Is Open For Business

Today, we’re opening Light EU. This is a big moment—not just for the company, but for the whole photography world. We’ve pushed beyond the limits of the modern camera and built an imaging device unlike any other out there. We’ve built the camera of the future—a smaller, smarter, easier way to photograph. And now the future is available for an international audience.* Building a global e-commerce experience from scratch hasn’t been easy. As our international followers know all too well, there have been bumps along the way. But we stuck ...

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