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Introducing a Completely New Lumen

Even before we started shipping the Light L16, we knew there would be several areas of our product that would need special attention in the following months. One such area, as we discussed in our self-review, was the Light-specific desktop software, Lumen. The application is a necessity for L16 photographers—you need it to transfer, process, and perfect your images—but as we quickly learned from our customer’s feedback, Lumen was also one of the biggest pain points. In just a few weeks, our team entirely rebuilt our desktop software from the ground up. We’ ...

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An Update on Low-Light Performance

Back in August, when we published our self-review of the L16, we were open about the parts of the L16 experience that still needed some work—and work is exactly what we’ve been doing these past few months. Just ask any one of our engineers and they will attest to the late nights fixing bugs, tuning algorithms, and writing—and rewriting—the code your camera runs on. Ever since we acknowledged that our low-light capabilities, in particular, were not yet up to our high standards, we’ve received a bunch of questions about when and ...

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Putting the Light L16 to the Test

Though we’ve made great strides in the past few months, it’s hard to know exactly how the L16 stacks up against other cameras without seeing it for ourselves. So, we asked a couple members of our image quality team to put the Light L16 to the test. Our goal was simple: to see how the Light L16 compared to some of the top DSLR and mirrorless camera competitors out there. The Canon 5D Mark IV was an obvious choice for a test camera. We paired it with a 24-105mm base lens to roughly match ...

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The Light L16 is Now Open for New Reservations

"It's part ultimate travel camera, part spy gear." -The Wall Street Journal Nearly four years ago, we set out on a mission to rethink the camera. We wanted to create a different kind of imaging tool, one that was small yet powerful, easy to use yet capable of producing professional-quality photos. What we built in the Light L16 is a radical new photography experience—and now we’re ready to share that with everyone. Today we will start accepting new reservations to purchase the Light L16 camera. Click here to experience photography in a radical new ...

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Light and Utomic Join Forces to Bring You the Ultimate L16 Protection

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Utomic to provide photographers with a radical new shock-resistant safeguard for the Light L16 camera. For years, Utomic has equipped the masses with its advanced device-protection system that shields smartphones from scratches, dents, and the impact of everyday drops. Utomic’s unique combination of probabilistic design and dynamic protection guards against the highest possibility of damage by absorbing and redistributing energy during impact. In partnership with the experienced engineers behind Utomic’s indestructible FlexCoreTM technology, we developed two new L16-specific accessories: Utomic BUMPER and Utomic ...

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Your L16 Images Just Got Sharper. Can You See The Difference?

The beauty of our technology is that it keeps getting better over time. Unlike DSLR cameras, the L16 operates on a complex software platform. Different algorithms control specific functions of the camera—from the movement of its modules to the fusing of the 10+ images it takes. As our team continues to hone and refine these complex algorithms, the L16 gets smarter. And as a result, its images get even better. Access full-resolution gallery photos here. Our latest software update made huge strides in image clarity and sharpness. The differences were so noticeable, we decided to ...

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A First Look at the L16 Camera—From the People Who Built It

It has been 47 days since we started shipping the L16 to pre-order customers. A lot has happened in that time. We received tons of valuable feedback. And we learned things. We also broke things. We fixed them. We sent dozens of over-the-air updates. We introduced new features. We continued to ramp up production in China (though it took a lot longer than we anticipated). And we’ve started steadily fulfilling orders on a daily basis. We’ve been busy bringing this brand-new technology to market. Here’s where we stand: It has taken years to ...

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Frequently Asked Questions—And Answers

When will my camera arrive? Where is my camera? How soon will I get my camera? The question is on everyone’s mind—including ours! We’ve been working hard to ship more and more L16 cameras out to our pre-order customers every day. But we realize that’s not exactly visible to the rest of our patiently waiting pre-order list, so we’re here to give you an update. OK, so if I haven’t received one of the first few cameras, where have they all gone? We just finished shipping the first batch of ...

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