Next week, several Light team members, Dr. Kari Pulli, Dr.Feng Li, Dr. YiChang Shih, and Dr. Michael Tao, will be in attendance at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) in Boston.

Kari is co-organizing the tutorial "OpenVX: a framework for accelerating Computer Vision." Also, he has two workshop papers from his prior work at NVIDIA, “Retrieving Gray-Level Information from a Binary sensor and its application to Gesture Detection,” and “Locally Non-rigid Registration for Mobile HDR Photography.”

YiChang has two papers from his work at MIT, "Reflection Removal Using Ghosting Cues," and "Fast Bilateral-Space Stereo for Synthetic Defocus." You can read more about that work at The Economist. Michael's paper, "Depth From Shading, Defocus, and Correspondence Using Light-Field Angular Coherence," will be presented as well.

If you'd like to connect with the Light team while they are in Boston - drop us a line: