Bay Area symbol. Engineering wonder. The Golden Gate Bridge is easily the most photogenic structure in San Francisco.

To our resident photographer, Brian Fulda, capturing the bridge is a rite of passage in San Francisco. "A lot of professional photographers think that it’s cliche to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge," he says. But that's just because the structure is not easy to photograph in a unique way.

We teamed up with Sidewalk to show you some of Fulda's favorite, lesser-known spots for photographing the Golden Gate Bridge. To find out where these epic vantage points are hiding, download the Sidewalk app from the App Store or Google Play.

Once you're in the app, you'll join Fulda on a photo walk around this iconic landmark. For reference, it's called Light Presents: 5 Ways to Photograph the Golden Gate Bridge. Trust us: You'll see the Golden Gate Bridge from completely unique perspectives—spots many SF natives have never even seen before.

Fulda will teach you some fundamentals of photography and show you how to capture the Golden Gate's ever-changing personalities.

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Fulda is not just an L16 pro—he's also a history buff. As he's snapping postcard-worthy photos, he'll discuss the bridge’s art deco aesthetic, its historical significance, and the reason why its construction nearly failed.

Enjoy your photo walk and stay tuned for more Sidewalk photo tours around the world.

All photos captured by Brian Fulda.