When will my camera arrive? Where is my camera? How soon will I get my camera?

The question is on everyone’s mind—including ours! We’ve been working hard to ship more and more L16 cameras out to our pre-order customers every day. But we realize that’s not exactly visible to the rest of our patiently waiting pre-order list, so we’re here to give you an update.

OK, so if I haven’t received one of the first few cameras, where have they all gone?

We just finished shipping the first batch of L16 cameras to our beta testers. Their feedback helped us take the L16 up a notch, so we decided to replace their beta cameras first. (By the way, our beta program is ongoing, which is why you may still see us shipping beta cameras from time to time.)

When will you ship the next batch of cameras—and how big is it?

The next batch of L16 cameras—which is larger than our initial shipment, but not huge—will arrive in the U.S. next week. As soon as those cameras are in our hands, we’ll ship them to more of our pre-order customers.

How soon will you ship ALL of the cameras?

It’s honestly hard for us to know. We can only move as fast as our slowest suppliers and manufacturing partners. That said, we’ve slowly begun to ramp up our production process in the past few weeks, and we're making more and more cameras each day.

Can you predict how fast the L16 production will ramp up?

We don’t have a crystal ball—but we can show you this graph of our ideal production ramp.

As you can see, production has started out slow, but will continue to grow through August...which means that pre-order fulfillment will speed up shortly thereafter.

Can you give me some idea of when I might receive my camera?

Not exactly. If all goes well, we’re projected to be shipping a lot more cameras by early fall. But as we’ve said before, our pre-order list is quite long, so it’s hard for us to know when we’ll finish shipping to that entire list. The good news is that we’re making software improvements to the L16 each week. By the time you get your camera, it will have some pretty awesome new features to play with.