Even before we started shipping the Light L16, we knew there would be several areas of our product that would need special attention in the following months. One such area, as we discussed in our self-review, was the Light-specific desktop software, Lumen. The application is a necessity for L16 photographers—you need it to transfer, process, and perfect your images—but as we quickly learned from our customer’s feedback, Lumen was also one of the biggest pain points.

In just a few weeks, our team entirely rebuilt our desktop software from the ground up. We’re excited to release the new Lumen, a faster, more powerful tool for the L16 photographer.

Not only did we increase Lumen’s speed—by a whopping 70%—in this latest update, we also added specialized editing features you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Fine-tune focus

Photo by Brian Fulda.

Want to pick a new focal point? Need to rescue a soft subject? Now you can shift the focus of your L16 images to another point near the original focal plane.

Add more depth

Photo by Amaal Said.

Make your subject stand out more by adjusting depth all the way to f/2.

Optimize color and exposure

Photo by Zach Doleac.

With our new suite of basic enhancements, it’s easy to make any photo pop. Tune sharpness, exposure, saturation, and more!

And we’re not stopping there. We’ll continue to add new features, improving Lumen’s experience until it’s seamless. Take the new Lumen for a spin and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We listen carefully to our photographer's feedback, and we will implement fixes and requests as swiftly as we can.

L16 updates

Lumen isn’t the only part of our product we’ve been racing to improve in the past several weeks. The L16 got a few major updates in this latest release as well:

  • We chopped autofocus and shutter lag time by 250 ms each, reducing capture time by nearly half a second.
  • You’ll see a better contrast of blacks in the shadows of dimly lit photos. We also tuned our de-noising and fusion algorithms to improve sharpness, clarity, and highlight restoration.
  • Image colors and white balance are more accurate, especially in indoor lighting. See below.

  • *Left, AWB with old software; right, AWB with new software. Photo by Joe Lubushkin.*

    With every update we make to our software—camera or desktop—your images get better and your experience improves. Moving forward, we’ll bundle our updates and feature additions into bigger monthly releases. As always, if you have any feedback on software updates, don’t hesitate to reach out.

    We’re thrilled that so many of our loyal customers have joined us on this journey to reinvent photography. The L16 is faster and sharper than ever before and it will only continue to improve.