We are happy to announce that the L16 Camera is now available in Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Spain, and Sweden! We are working hard to make the L16 available worldwide. Please sign up for international updates to stay in the loop!

What countries do you ship to?
Right now we ship to the U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Spain, and Sweden.

When will you begin shipping to my country?
We will announce pre-sales in additional countries on a rolling basis. Please tell us where we should go next.

What languages do you support?
We only support English at this time.

How will international pre-orders work?
There is a deposit required to reserve a camera. The remaining balance will be billed when the camera ships next year.

When will international customers receive their order?
The estimated time frame is late 2016. Stay tuned to our blog, Spotlight, for regular updates.

What about taxes on international orders?
Taxes are included in the price for international orders.

What are the shipping costs for international orders?
International shipping costs will be announced closer to the time of shipment and will reflect standard carrier rates.

I have more questions...
Please check out our FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions!