Your camera got a serious upgrade. Just for you, we smashed all those bugs and polished our code till it sparkled. We hope you like your new and improved L16!

What's new:

  • Low-light performance: The L16 automatically adjusts its settings in dim lighting to maximize quality and minimize noise in dim lighting.
  • Enhanced dynamic range: When there are big differences in a scene’s lighting, it can be challenging to capture all the tones. With the L16’s improved dynamic range, your camera will now capture more light, giving your photos a wider range of highlights and shadows.

What we improved:

  • Faster and more precise AF: Getting your subject in crystal-clear focus is now just one tap (or half-press) away.
  • Gallery viewing experience: Image resolution is now 3x better in the gallery mode—and up to 20x better when processed.
  • Flick to zoom: It’s now a lot easier to jump between key focal lengths like 35mm and 70mm.

Total Fixes: 40 other features and bugs

Coming soon

  • Burst capture

Note: Can’t find this update on your L16 yet? Sit tight for a few more days. Occasionally, one of our over-the-air updates gets stuck in the fog.