Get excited. Your camera just got a serious upgrade. We’re talking new features, faster speed, better performance, smoother experience—and even more impressive photos. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Note: Updating your camera now will require you to download a new version of Lumen Beta on your computer


  • Autofocus: We reduced autofocus speed by roughly 400 milliseconds and total capture time by more than half a second.
  • Image sharpness: We tweaked the position and movement of the L16’s mirrors to produce clearer photos.
  • Shutter: The next time you use the physical shutter button to capture, you’ll feel the difference in speed and performance. Not only did we reduce shutter lag, we also streamlined the experience so you won’t miss a shot.
  • Software stability: Our engineers rebuilt the camera and gallery applications for faster and easier fixes.
  • White balance: Image colors are more accurate, especially in indoor lighting.
  • Lowlight: We tuned our de-noising and fusion algorithms to improve sharpness, clarity, and highlight restoration. You should also see better contrast of blacks and shadows of photos shot in low-light.


  • We now process images whenever your camera is plugged in.
  • Geo-tagging works!
  • Images shared via Bluetooth are now 10x better.

Can’t find this update on your L16 yet? Sit tight for a few more days. Occasionally, one of our over-the-air updates gets stuck in the fog.