Get excited. Your camera just got a serious upgrade. We’re talking new features, faster speed, better performance, smoother experience—and even more impressive photos. Update now to take this new software for a spin.

Note: These new features will require you to update to the latest version of Lumen Beta (v2.1.0 or later).

New Features:

  • Priority modes: We added Shutter priority and ISO priority modes to give you more control when shooting on the go.
  • White-balance presets: Choose from five different white-balance presets when composing your scene. All options—from Incandescent to Fluorescent to Daylight to Cloudy (and Auto)—are viewable in real time on the L16’s touchscreen.
  • On-camera editing: Now you can adjust color, contrast, tint and more as soon as you snap your photo. Bonus: These basic edits will even carry over to the latest Lumen.
  • Histogram: Curious whether you’ve captured the right exposure? With the L16’s new histogram feature, you’ll know as soon as you open the photo in gallery.


  • Metadata: Find your photo’s EXIF data much easier in gallery mode.
  • On-camera rating: Pick your favorites on the go. The camera’s 5-star rating system will now carry over to the latest Lumen.
  • Sound: Choose between classic and modern shutter tones.
  • Scroll settings: Switch up the direction you scroll when you’re adjusting settings like EV, ISO, and Shutter speed.
  • Pocket assist: The L16 can now detect once you’ve stored it away in your jacket. It will automatically turn on standby mode to save your battery.
  • Image-quality indicators: We added a couple new icons in gallery mode to show you when you’re viewing a preview versus a higher quality, processed image.