Get excited. Your camera just got a serious upgrade. We’re talking new features, faster speed, better performance, smoother experience—and even more impressive photos. Update now to take this new software for a spin.

Note: These new features will require you to update to the latest version of Lumen Beta (v2.3.0 or later).

New Features:

  • On-device depth editing: We added the ability to adjust depth effect on your L16. You can now change the effective aperture from f/15 to f/2 and add that beautiful background blur. You can also change the focal point using your L16’s touch screen.
  • Video recording (beta): Your L16 can now record single-camera video at 1080p and 30fps. The video is based on using either the 28mm camera or the 70mm camera, allowing you to zoom all of the way from 28mm to 150mm.
  • Editing presets: Customize and create presets to easily edit your images in your style — all on your L16. Presets include color and geometric edits. Any changes will carry over to Lumen and be applied to the full (up to 52MP) resolution.


  • Capture experience: We updated the capture screen to include resolution (approximate megapixels) and handshake warning for low-light.
  • Lumen deletion: Now you can delete images in the L16 gallery directly from Lumen while your camera is plugged in.
  • Power save mode: Maximize your L16 battery life with new Power save mode in the Android menu. The advanced settings even let you customize which functionality is turned off.

On-device depth editing is applied to the 5 camera fusion (up to 13MP) images for easy sharing. Depth effect changes will carry over to Lumen and will be applied to the full (up to 52MP) resolution.