Get excited. Your camera just got a serious upgrade. We’re talking new features, faster speed, better performance, smoother experience—and even more impressive photos. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.


  • Tonal range: You should notice a big difference in the rendered tones for JPEGs, particularly in shadow and highlight regions.
  • Image sharpness: We updated our fusion algorithms to better match each and every pixel, making your images clearer and sharper.
  • Zoom: Now you can hit every single focal length, especially key lengths of 35mm and 75mm, which provide the highest edge to edge resolutions.
  • Gallery access: The gallery icon will indicate that your camera is locked and ask you to enter your passcode before you’re able to view your images.
  • Feedback app: Next time you’d like to report an issue or make a feature request, you’ll notice a much easier, smoother experience.
  • Shutter lag: We reduced capture time in auto mode.
  • Bug fix: Flash settings.