Get excited. Your camera just got a serious upgrade. We’re talking new features, faster speed, better performance, smoother experience—and even more impressive photos. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Note: Updating your camera now will require you to update to the latest version of Lumen Beta (v2.0.84 or later) on your computer

New Features:

  • Dynamic Autofocus (AF-D): We added a new, more reactive AF mode that includes face detection, auto refocus, and focus lock.
  • Face detection: When the L16 finds a face in your scene, it will automatically set the focus on their face.
  • Auto refocus: If you move your camera significantly, the L16 will refocus the scene for you.
  • Focus lock: This new feature maintains your focus at a specific distance.
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR): We tuned our algorithms to capture a broader range of highlights, with a greater level of detail throughout.


  • Faster AF: We increased the speed of autofocus, making it easier for you to quickly capture the moment.
  • Preview: We created a smoother, more responsive live-preview experience.


  • Bluetooth shutter: Now you can trigger your L16 remotely with bluetooth remote shutter.
  • Autofocus icons: We updated the color so that you can see focus more easily in sunlight.
  • Gallery selection: We made it easier to choose multiple images (or all) at once.
  • Shutter sound: Check out its fresh, new beat.