It’s been a busy few weeks here at Light. In March, we successfully produced several hundred L16s during the DVT build (photos) at our production facility in Asia. These cameras have been put through rigorous functional tests and are now making their way into the field for further performance evaluations.

We’ve been dispatching test cameras all over the world as fast as we’ve been able to build them in order to assess their capabilities in a broad spectrum of environments. The L16 recently traveled through the dry deserts of California and the humid tropics of Cuba, capturing some amazing scenes along the way.

We’ve also put the finishing touches on the L16 packaging.

We are continuing to close out issues surfaced during our internal alpha and preliminary beta tests. In order to expedite the identification of these types of issues, we have dramatically expanded our beta program. In May, we will begin shipping pre-release L16s to select customers who volunteered for our beta program.

L16 pre-orders will begin shipping to customers in the US on July 14. Given the length of our pre-order list, we expect fulfillment of these pre-orders to take until late summer. We hope to be accepting new L16 orders in the US in late 2017.

Today we sent an email to our pre-order customers with some more details about their L16 shipment date. If you pre-ordered an L16 and did not receive the email, please contact us immediately at