Excitement is building here at Light as we enter the homestretch of our journey with mass production in sight. We have a number of exciting updates to share today.

PhotoPlus event

In October, we hosted a meet-up for photo enthusiasts attending the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC. Attendees and media had the opportunity to see the first public demonstrations of L16 prototypes and the Light software suite. Our co-founders were on hand to answer questions and the entire team had a great time meeting with everyone, especially the handful of pre-order customers who attended. You can read more about the event here.

New video

We’ve received a lot of questions from photographers wanting to understand exactly how the L16 works. It’s a complicated piece of technology, so we created a video that demonstrates Light’s technology and the ways the L16 delivers its new imaging power. You can watch it here.

Aperture upgrade

When we launched the L16 for pre-order, the plan called for all 16 camera modules to have fixed f/2.4 apertures. We’re pleased to share that we’ve been able to improve this spec as we’ve developed the L16 prototypes. The L16 that we ship will include 5x28mm modules at f/2.0, 5x70mm modules at f/2.0 and 6x150mm modules at f/2.4. These improvements dramatically increase the L16’s light-gathering ability, making for even better images at magic hour and in cozy social scenes.

Beta testing

We’ve started in-field beta tests with prototypes of the L16 Camera. If you would like to be considered for participation in a beta test to help shape the future of photography, please complete the brief questionnaire here.

Production update

We are on track to begin mass production of the L16 early in the second quarter of 2017. L16 cameras will ship to pre-order customers as soon as possible after mass production begins. For some insight into what’s happening behind the scenes, our next major hardware milestone occurs later this month and will inform a more detailed production schedule, which we’ll share in January.

New images

Our marketing team finally wrested control of the latest L16 prototypes from our engineering team and is out shooting images with the camera as we speak. We’ve already posted some new images to our gallery page and will continue to post more there and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as they come in.

We’ve also made our first set of higher-resolution images available for download. These images are meant to provide a peek under the hood at Light’s image processing engine, which is currently being alpha tested. You can read more about the processing engine here and download the images here. We’ll be posting more higher-resolution images as we continue to fine tune the L16 prototypes and the image processing engine.


Everybody at Light is heads down working to get the L16 into your hands as soon as possible. We remain incredibly humbled by all of the enthusiasm shown for our mission and grateful for the patience of our pre-order customers. You can reach us any time at hello@light.co and track our progress right here on the blog.