L16 Update

We’re going to keep this update short and sweet ;)

The L16 is out in the wild. Cameras from our EVT1 builds have been circling the globe for the past two months, taking incredible photos along the way. You’ll see some of the photography we’re most proud of on our social media accounts in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to catch the latest.

Paris, captured by Bradley Lautenbach Paris, captured by Bradley Lautenbach
Yosemite, captured by Kelly Van Arsdale Yosemite, captured by Kelly Van Arsdale

Our internal beta testing has already led to several major improvements in device performance and image quality. External beta testing is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks. If you applied to participate in our beta testing program, keep an eye on your email inbox.

In mid-March we’ll begin the DVT1 build of L16s. Devices from this batch of cameras will be submitted for certification by the various standards bodies and government agencies (FCC, etc). Once those certifications are granted, we will move quickly into the PVT1 build which will immediately transition into mass production.

Once the DVT1 build is underway and yielding positive results, we will be able to share a more detailed schedule for mass production. Our hope is to start sharing more granular shipping estimates around that time as well.

In the meantime, check out our CEO, Dave, talking to Quartz about the imminent revolution in computational photography.

  1. EVT/DVT/PVT defined in this blog post