Last October, we debuted the L16, the world’s first multi-aperture computational camera. Since then, we’ve been working feverishly to bring our camera to market. We have some very exciting news to share today.

L16 Product Improvements

First, we’ve made some changes to the L16 product spec that we think you’re going to like.

When we launched L16 pre-orders, we planned to provide 35-150mm optical zoom equivalent. Many of our pre-order customers emailed us asking for a wider focal length, and we listened. Today, we are pleased to announce that the shipping L16 Camera will have a 28-150mm optical zoom equivalent. This wider zoom range will make for more dramatic landscapes, more interesting street and architectural photos and a more versatile camera overall.

We were also planning to include 128GB of internal memory in the camera when we unveiled the initial product specs late last year. 128GB is a significant amount of memory, but as part of our continued effort to deliver the best possible product to our customers, we were able to obtain early access to a limited supply of 256GB internal memory parts and will be including that increased memory in our pre-order cameras at no additional cost.

We hope our customers will find this wider-angle camera with double the storage truly delightful. (Learn more about the L16 technology.)

Prototype Manufacturing Video

Second, on one of our recent trips to our manufacturing facilities in Asia, we filmed the production of the most recent L16 prototypes. We hope you enjoy going behind the scenes with this video.

Series C

Last, but certainly not least, we are pleased to announce that we’ve closed a $30M series C round of funding, led by GV (formerly Google Ventures). We will put these funds to good use as we scale our global supply chain to meet overwhelming demand.

Since our launch, we have become intimately familiar with the mantra, “hardware is hard.” In addition to building a world-class mobile device from the ground up, Light is also developing a paradigm-shifting optics system which is powered by revolutionary imaging software. Having top-tier investors like GV support our mission ensures Light is in the best possible position to conquer this challenge.

We are grateful to GV and look forward to learning from their expert team and gaining insights from their impressive network of portfolio companies. Onwards and upwards!

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