Since launching the L16 back in October, a lot has happened at Light. Our team has grown, and we finally outgrew our humble abode in Palo Alto. You’ll now find our marketing, operations, and design teams working from our new space in SoMa (San Francisco), and our supply chain and manufacturing teams working from our new office in Taipei.

Light Taipei Office

As our team continues to grow, we remain laser-focused on building and perfecting the L16 camera. We’re grateful for your patience, and we’re excited to share a few updates with you today.


L16 camera modules

As we transition from the prototype stage to the mass production stage, we’ve completely redesigned our camera modules - the individual lens/barrel/sensor assemblies that form the heart of the L16’s optical array. This redesign ensures that the modules will perform consistently across a wide range of environments and use cases. These new modules also include our production image sensors. We’re very excited to begin showing you full-resolution images from these beautiful new sensors soon.


Our image processing software has also seen great progress as we’ve moved toward production. Since August, we’ve dramatically improved the ability to render color accurately in our processed images. This powerful software is well on its way to maturity, and you’ll see more examples of this in the coming months.


L16 chassis

On the construction front, we’ve made refinements to the mechanical designs of the L16 as our components near their final, production specifications. We’ve improved the camera body and will be combining the new bodies with the new camera modules next month.

We are very excited about the next phase and shipping the L16 to our early customers. We have a few more developmental milestones to clear before we can finalize our shipping calendar, but expect that we’ll have more to share on that in another update or two.

We’ve come a huge distance in the last few months, and we remain grateful for your support and encouragement as we hustle to get this truly spectacular camera into the world.

As always, you can reach us at with any questions.