logistics, logistics, logistics

It’s shaping up to be another productive month at Light. Our Operations team spent April and most of May identifying, visiting, and evaluating potential US distribution centers.

The distribution center plays a key role in getting L16 cameras to customers and serves as the hub of supply chain and fulfillment operations. Once the L16 comes off the manufacturing line in Asia, it will be packaged and transported to the center. There, cameras will be added to inventory systems, sorted, and put on shelves. Next, customer orders will be sent to our distribution center partner and associated with individual cameras. Those cameras will be picked from the shelves, packed into boxes, and shipped to our customers.


As the team evaluated all the options, they had a long list of requirements to satisfy. Among those were a history of excellence in fulfilling complex hardware products for some of the world’s most reputable brands, the ability to interface directly with our back-office systems, and high-quality service levels including fast processing and short delivery times.

After much consideration, we have partnered with a distribution center that meets all of our technical and service level requirements. We’re confident that this partnership will result in a seamless post-purchase experience for our customers.


The L16 goes north

In addition to crossing an important milestone on the logistical front, we’ve had a chance to test our camera in the wild. Recently, Josh Anon, a Bay Area photographer and member of our creative advisory board, traveled to Svalbard with one of our P1 (Prototype 1) units. You can see some of the photos he captured along with Josh’s account of the trip on our photoblog: Captured.


More to come from us soon. In the meantime drop us a line any time at hello@light.co