We are thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Utomic to provide photographers with a radical new shock-resistant safeguard for the Light L16 camera.

For years, Utomic has equipped the masses with its advanced device-protection system that shields smartphones from scratches, dents, and the impact of everyday drops. Utomic’s unique combination of probabilistic design and dynamic protection guards against the highest possibility of damage by absorbing and redistributing energy during impact.

In partnership with the experienced engineers behind Utomic’s indestructible FlexCoreTM technology, we developed two new L16-specific accessories: Utomic BUMPER and Utomic GLASS.

Made from Utomic’s velvety soft FlexcoreTM technology, our BUMPER is designed to guard your L16 from minor slips and falls—the pitfalls of gravity that so often wage war on our devices. With a 3mm bezel, BUMPER lifts the L16’s lens array and touchscreen off the ground, keeping it safe and secure—and your memories intact.

• Designed to protect against minor bumps and falls

• 3mm bezel lifts lenses and touchscreen off flat surfaces

• Ergonomic thumb-grip for added stability

• Material is soft to the touch but tough against gravity

Keep your L16 camera looking sharp and sleek with Utomic’s specially designed FHD touchscreen GLASS. Made out of thin, Japanese Asahi glass, this durable, protective layer shields the L16’s touchscreen from scratches and dirt—and keeps your camera looking as good as new.

• Protects FHD touchscreen from scratches and dirt

• Made out of thin (0.33mm) yet durable Japanese Asahi glass

• Precision fit with 2.5D rounded lenses

• Cutout for rear microphone

• Easy installation (cleaning wipes included)

Get the best in protection with the Utomic BUMPER + GLASS bundle at utomic.com.

If you’re looking to outfit your new L16 with other handy accessories, we’ve got you covered. After months of testing the L16 in the wild, our resident photographers know exactly what you need to make your Light kit complete. Check out our comprehensive gear list for tips on equipment that will take your L16 photography to the next level.

Note: The one thing that’s missing from our recommended gear list is the L16 battery grip. This is an exciting add-on accessory that will double the battery power of your camera. We’re still developing this product in-house, and we will have more information to share later this year.