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Mobile World: Light Technology in More Platforms

Light technology is all about capturing more information about any scene to empower the imaging products of the future. We are taking great leaps toward our goal of Light helping camera platforms of all kinds see and know more about the world around them. The Nokia 9 PureView, driven by Light technology, is the world’s first five-camera array in a smartphone. It is truly best-in-class, built to take the photography enthusiast to new places, and is getting incredibly positive reviews. "Before the Nokia 9 came out, I didn’t think there was anything that could ...

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Lighting up 2019: Building the Future of Computational Imaging

Our vision has always been to revolutionize the world of imaging -- to change how we capture and use images, collect more pixel data, and make camera arrays smaller but more powerful. Today marks another step towards fulfilling that vision with our partnership with Sony, adding to existing relationships with Qualcomm, Sunny, and others to be announced. In 2017, we started shipping the L16 and showed the power of Light's computational imaging technology to the photography community. Last year, we raised Series D financing with world-class partners to help us move further down the path. 2019 ...

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