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Capturing The Light: Meet Kelly

One of the faces behind [email protected] When you encounter a problem with a product, or want to congratulate a company on a job well done, there is no one more important in that moment than your customer support contact. Their professionalism and charisma often shape your view of the company as a whole. For Light, the person leading that team is Kelly Van Arsdale, Manager of Customer Success. He considers his team the middle-ground between the company and their customers, which often involves tough conversations they advocate for customers to the larger Light team. ...

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Capturing The Light: Meet Boris

Guiding the creation of the L16 from soup to nuts. No product can realize its full potential without a product manager. Often called the “CEO of the product”, a PM guides its creation and all the aspects that come with it. At Light, Boris Ajdin is the man that keeps everyone on the same page, guiding the team building the L16 and nailing down the tasks that need to happen to build this revolutionary camera. We grabbed a few minutes to speak with Boris about how he plays an integral role at Light, how he got ...

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