The beauty of our technology is that it keeps getting better over time.

Unlike DSLR cameras, the L16 operates on a complex software platform. Different algorithms control specific functions of the camera—from the movement of its modules to the fusing of the 10+ images it takes. As our team continues to hone and refine these complex algorithms, the L16 gets smarter. And as a result, its images get even better.

*Access full-resolution gallery photos here.*

Our latest software update made huge strides in image clarity and sharpness. The differences were so noticeable, we decided to replace the three full-resolution images in our gallery with freshly processed photos. In the comparison shots below, you’ll be able to see exactly where our algorithms improved.

The images on the left were processed using our most recent Lumen release, and the crop on the right was taken from the original full-resolution photo we added to the gallery several weeks ago.

The most prominent improvement is visible in the fine details. Notice the clarity in each strand of grass above or in the cracks of the boat below.

When our algorithms stitch together 10+ photos, the goal is to perfectly match each pixel in the stack.

Every pixel captured with our base camera modules needs to line up with the right pixel in one of the 70mm photos. This is a pretty tough task, even for computers.

The more images our team captures and processes, the more we’re able to tune our algorithms so that they not only match pixels more accurately, but also produce the right balance of details in different lighting.

Our Image Quality team has analyzed hundreds of thousands of photos thus far and continues to hone our computational algorithms every week. Just like the L16 camera, our photos will keep getting better as our software progresses.

See these image improvements yourself by downloading the updated full-resolution photos from our gallery.